A Guide on How to Effectively Use a Scissor Lift


When undertaking a task with a scissor lift it is important to follow safe operating procedures. At all times the operator should respect their own safety, the safety of others and the machinery itself. 

Preparing the scissor lift working area

Before starting the task the area should be prepared with either yellow caution tape or red danger tape. If there is a risk that something could fall onto people standing below, always use the red danger tape. If it is safe for somebody to enter the area with your permission, then yellow tape can be used. It is your responsibility to ensure that no one enters a dangerous red taped area. 



Awareness of safe operating instructions

By making yourself aware of safe operating procedures, you will be protecting yourself and those around you. The platform will not provide any protection from an electrically charged conductor, power lines and its associated apparatus. You should also remember that the platform will sway and rock, so could come into contact with an electrical hazard once in operation. The machine is not insulated, so will not provide any protection in the case of an incident. 



Carrying out the pre-start preparation checks

Once the area has been roped off you should check for any obstacles which are near to the platform and any overhead issues. This also includes anything within the travel path such as debris and pot holes. Once your batteries have been fully charged you should disconnect them from the power source. 


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Start the scissor lift

To start the scissor lift first engage the emergency stop button which is located on the central control panel. Next, select the platform option and enter the platform area. Once you have safely climbed into the platform area you can turn off the emergency stop control. 

Operating the scissor lift

All controls for the task are located centrally within an operator section. Scissor lifts are designed with both a low and high range to be used when traveling. If you have a clear path, the high range can be used, in more difficult areas you should stick to the low range. Depending on the task in hand, you should take precautions to protect the lift. For example, if you are carrying out a task such as painting, ensure that the platform, railings and controls are appropriately covered to avoid any paint damage. 



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Shutdown instructions


Once your task is complete, you should slowly bring the platform down, then push the stop buttons on both the operator section and the base controller. Finally, turn the base key to off and climb down from the platform. 

Once you have disembarked from the scissor lift tidy away all of your equipment and remove any debris from the area. Once the warning tape is removed, return the lift to its charging station and plug in to charge ready for its next use. 

If you would like any advice on using a scissor lift and the careful operating procedure to follow please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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