The Top 10 Politicians Looking Awkward in a Hi-Vis Vest

Why do Politicians Love the Hi-Vis?

It turns out that we are not the only ones who love hi-vis vests – these politicians think they are a nice addition to their wardrobe too! Hi-vis vests are known as the life savers of an industrious workforce, perhaps our politicians think a florescent coat will help their image with the working population we’re not so sure!


1. David Cameron gets his hands dirty

It is becoming increasingly common for a politician to put on a hi-vis jacket and make a well timed visit to a busy workplace. David Cameron became a fan of the trend back in 2015 – maybe he thought it made him look like one of the hard workers, rather than a politician in a suit with a hi-vis. Who knows?

2. Boris Johnson stands out in negotiations

Sometimes seen as the face of modern politics, Boris is known for getting into a pickle. Boris likes to be seen as the man of the people, so maybe that’s why he pulls on the occasional hi-vis jacket to help London’s busy tradesmen. Perhaps the hi-vis would come in useful during his current Brexit negotiations – he would certainly stand out.





3. George Osborne takes his jacket shopping

Although he may not be the most favoured politician, we are fans purely because he loves a hi-vis jacket. George has been seen sporting the fashion since as far back as 2011, and even chose a bright orange jacket to pick out the Christmas tree for Number 11 Downing Street.


4. Theresa May protects herself from a rhino

Theresa May meets a rhino. A sentence you probably never imagined you’d read, but Theresa did meet someone with a hide thicker than hers. Luckily, was there to protect her as she marshalled the Maidenhead Easter charity race.

5. Tony Blair, the union man

Before Boris hit the headlines, Tony Blair was often seen as the face of the working man, during the Labour government. Tony, who was known for his support of trade unions, often liked to as he went to meet the country’s workers. We’re not so sure how dirty he got his hands, though!



6. Theresa May has a sense of humour

We were more than surprised when Teresa May wore a hi-vis jacket to accept an award from the former chancellor George Osborne. Perhaps it is not just us who noticed George’s love of florescent gear, after all.





7. Ed Miliband takes it to a new level

Ed is another supporter of the hi-vis construction site photos, although he does like to take it a step further than most politicians. He is also very fond of his protective glasses, the perfect finishing touch to a working man’s photo.



8. Jeremy Corbyn, the train expert

Although relatively new to the public’s political radar, Jeremy knows how to get noticed. The Labour leader has been in many talks about the development of the High Speed 3 and always has his trusty hi-vis vest on hand. At least this politician removes his tie!



9. Nick Clegg on the campaign trail

It would be wrong to leave the Liberal Democrats out of our top ten list when Nick Clegg was also so fond of a fluorescent jacket. Although it was a while ago now, during his 2015 election tour he was seen frequently donning his hi-vis. Perhaps if he’d worn it more often for the public, he might have gained the majority vote.



10. George Osborne loses his hi-vis jacket

Sadly, our favourite moment in hi-vis wearing politician history, an “inconsolable” George Osborne losing his hi-vis and being forced to pull out of some of his major on-site pubic appearances, may not really have happened. It does just go to show, though, that we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed he just wouldn’t be the same without his trusty jacket.


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