Why Quality Forklift Tyres Are Essential For Your Trucks

Whatever you use your forklift truck for, it is of vital importance to keep it maintained with top quality tyres. Moving heavy goods around a warehouse and managing deliveries eventually wears down the tyres. Health and safety is also a major concern for forklift truck operators since working in conditions where heavy machinery is operated poses a variety of risks.

To keep you covered and assured of the highest quality, we provide premium tyres for forklift trucks manufactured and supplied by Trelleborg. Fitting premium tyres on your forklift truck provides many benefits, which are all delivered by the Trelleborg Elite XP tyre.

Excellent performance

The Elite XP tyre delivers top quality performance and is made to withstand the key requirements of today’s forklift trucks. Made from durable and resilient material, the tyre also acts as the suspension, which helps to enhance the performance of your forklift truck.

Furthermore, the square footprint of the Elite XP tyre provides excellent stability and greater contact area. This helps to reduce uneven wear, enabling a longer tyre life and fulfilling excellent performance.

Enhanced safety

Trelleborg’s Elite XP tyre features a Pit Stop Line wear indicator, which enables forklift operators to see when the tyres need replacing. This helps operators to protect themselves and others in the industry, as well as keeping up to date with health and safety standards.

As the tyre tread on the Elite XP tyre wears down, a highly visible orange stripe appears on the tyre surface. This indicates that the tyre has 100 hours of life remaining, allowing operators plenty of time to replace the tyre without compromising on performance, safety and productivity. The Pit Stop Line indicator also ensures that forklift operators get the maximum whole life value from the tyres by replacing them at the right time, as well as knowing that the tyres are always safe to use.

Great value and minimum impact

The Pit Spot Line wear indicator enables users to get the best value from their premium forklift tyres. The indicator helps to prevent tyres being changed too early when they are still at their optimum performance, which helps companies to save money.

Trelleborg’s Elite XP tyres are also long lasting and durable, which means that the tyres need changing less frequently. Saving further money, it also reduces the user’s impact on the environment since there is less waste, which is great for those concerned about their carbon footprint.

Special compounds

While the Elite XP is available with different treads (XP, Smooth and Rubbed), the tread on forklift tyres is only cosmetic and in fact does not add to the functionality of the tyre. It is common practice within the industry to re-cut treads into bald-looking tyres to enhance the aesthetic of forklift trucks. However, we find that this is not necessary to do and it is more important to focus on the correct compound for full contact of the tyre surface.

Trelleborg’s Elite XP tyres are available with special compounds to suit how you use your forklift truck, as well as further enhancing performance. Suitable for a variety of different workplace environments, the special compounds available on the Elite XP tyres are Non-Marking, Electrically Conductive, High Load, Cut Resistant and Chemical Resistant (Scrubber).

So why opt for other forklift tyres when you can be assured of the highest quality and excellent performance when you need it most with Trelleborg’s Elite XP tyres? They will help you to save money in the long term, reduce waste and keep you and your staff safe in the industry.

Whatever questions or queries you have, speak to one of our professionals on 020 8880 3322 or fill in the contact form.

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