If your employees will be operating telescopic forklifts at your place of work, it is important to make sure that they are qualified to do so. In order to be a licenced telescopic forklift driver, you need to have undergone the necessary training and passed both the theory and practical assessments. Here we will provide a complete guide to telescopic forklift training in London.

You should never let a member of staff operate a telescopic forklift or any type of forklift if they are not qualified to do so. Doing so will put them and the rest of your staff at risk.

Why is training required?

In order to drive and operate a telescopic forklift training is required. According to the Health and Safety at Work act 1974, all telescopic forklift drivers must hold valid certification. Providing your employees with training will not only ensure you are complying with health and safety regulations but it will also help to minimise the risks of accidents in the work place. Whilst keeping your staff safe, training your drivers to use the machinery properly will also help to maximise productivity. 

What is involved?

Before individuals can start learning to drive telescopic forklifts, they first need to gain an understanding of the current legislation and operators’ safety code. This knowledge will help them to pass the theory part of the assessment.

By the end of the programme, forklift drivers will also have the skills and knowledge to carry out daily inspection procedures. This is an essential process that involves checking the telescopic forklifts on-site are safe and fit for purpose. Individuals will also learn about load handling theory as part of their training, which will come in use in the future when they are dealing with heavy loads and different sized telescopic forklifts.

The part of training that most individuals enjoy the most is learning to drive and operate the telescopic forklifts. After learning the necessary skills and driving techniques, they will be required to participate in a practical assessment. Like with a driving test, the telescopic forklift test will require drivers to perform various different maneuvers in a safe manner.

After completing both the theory and practical part of the assessment they will be provided with certification that proves they can drive and operate a telescopic forklift truck safely. This is a valuable qualification for employees to have, particularly if they work in a warehouse or on construction sites.

In order to operate different types of forklift trucks, drivers are required to pass multiple assessments.

Hiremech training courses

We have provided telescopic forklift driver training for over twenty years. We can either carry out the training programme on-site (at your place of work) or at our dedicated driver training centre based in Tottenham, London. Our instructors have the skills, knowledge and experience to train your employees to a high standard, ensuring they pass their assessments and gain their qualifications first time round. By the end of our training programme, your employees will have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to safely operate forklift trucks in the work place.


Before you allow any of your employees to operate the telescopic forklifts you have bought or hired, it is important to carry out thorough checks to ensure they have the necessary qualifications. If they do not, you should not let them operate the machinery until they have participated in a telescopic forklift driver training programme. Doing this will not only put the individual operating the machinery at risk, but those working around them too.

If in the mean time you need someone to operate your forklifts for you, get in touch with a member of our team who will be able to advise you further. For more information on our driver training packages or to make a booking, please phone our sales team or drop us an email.

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