In the materials handling world, many different types of machine are required to do different types of jobs. It is in this dynamic environment where manoeuvrability and certain specifications determine which truck is right for which situation. In this feature we look at two different forklift trucks; the flexi truck and the reach truck.

The Flexi Truck

A Flexi truck is a specialist warehouse forklift truck and is essentially a hybrid crossover of a counterbalance and a reach truck. They are referred to as ‘flexi’ or ‘bendi’ as the front axle is what steers the unit. These specialist trucks are suited best to indoor environments, working in narrow aisles and lifting to high racks in high density warehouse storage setups.

They also can be used outdoors in dry conditions. A Flexi truck can lift a 2500kg load capacity to heights of up to 14 meters. Flexi trucks have the ability to put away pallets in racking much quicker than a reach truck.

The flexi truck comes with an anti-vibration seat and a seat belt as well as a reversing mirror. The brake pedal on the flexi trucks is wide and there are three braking systems. Other features include a reverse alarm, rotating beacon and twin operator working lights. They are also a two front wheel drive. The position of the seat enables the driver to face forward which increases visibility when stacking.

Benefits of a flexi truck

  • Cheap to run
  • Ideal for very narrow
  • High Density Warehouse Storage

The Reach Truck

Reach trucks are specially designed for use in warehouse environments that have narrow aisles. Like the electric trucks, they are easy to operate and the side seated operator position offers greater visibility of the fork tips.

Reach trucks can also be used outside however they are unable to be used in the rain as they are battery electric powered.  A reach truck can also be used for counter-balance forklift uses and can be fitted with attachments for lifting

Benefits of a reach truck

  • Inexpensive to run
  • High Visibility
  • High Reach Capability

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